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Frequently Asked Questions[править | править код]

Q - How to play the game ?

A - You need to install Unity Web Player or WebGl, Google is not support that game.

Q - Who is administrator of the game ?

A - Administrator is Madalin Games, so, if they don't on-line, you can ask any moderator in the game about game problems.

Q - How to paint a car ?

A - Just move the slider with the colors

Q - I can't log into the game

A - Use another browser or install WebGl.

Q - How to be moderator ?

A - Sorry, we have more moderators. It's impossible.

Q - How do I know that I played the staff game ?

A - Staff of the game have special icons - [Mod] for moderators, [Tester] for Testers, [Adm] for admins.

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